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Bruno On Workouts (2005) Exposing the Mystery ~ Buy the book
Bruno On Workouts (2005) Exposing the Mystery ~ Buy the book
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5 ways Racingwithbruno increases your odds.


We believe we can help horseplayers make money at the windows because this is what we do. 24/7 we are analyzing races, works, developing our own figures and building pick 4 and Pick 5 tickets tailor made to make money at the windows.

Making a score is what keeps a horseplayers ammo in the holster. Horseplayers need ammo, a bankroll, to be able to play with and take the necessary shots at hitting big tickets. 

Horse Racing cannot be beaten by nickle and diming in hope of eeking out a positive return on investment. Big scores are needed. We need to visit that IRS line more often these days, with takeout, and short fields hurting our ability to find value. 

Here is how we can increase your odds:
1.) Exclusive information from morning workouts and most of all our impressions of horses from visual analysis. We see things most don't and we take advantage of it through the windows. Racingwithbruno exclusive information is not available in mainstream. The key to winning at the races is having the info others don't have. Period. 
2.) Our Delta Figures are unique and exclusive. In an age where you have figures like the sheets, Beyers, Rags, and other number oriented services, the Delta Figure can be as exclusive as our workout info. See more about our Delta figures by clicking here.
3.) Our analysis is geared to give you suggested selections. We want to be able to highlight horses that can help you, the player, at the windows. For example, tournament players use our selections to evaluate and supplement their own work. One horse we feature in our selection box could make the day even more profitable. 
4.) Our format makes navigating the information easy. The key to success is a well laid out product with all the information at your fingertips. 
5.) and most important is reliability and consistency, as Hall of Famer  and Triple Crown winning trainer Bob Baffert told us :“In the sport of Horse racing, the only way to survive is to outlast your competition. You can't do that if you're not good at what you do". Our work through the years and our consistent approach to adapt to the ever changing intangibles of horse racing is what makes us good at what we do. 

Trust Racingwitbruno to give you what you need. 

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